ANI Corporation is a fully integrated real estate firm providing superior service for more than 10 years.  We provide many real estate services such as:

  • Real Estate Investment
    • Purchase - We buy houses in any condition and all price ranges
    • Out-of-State Owner Advocate
    • Buy and Hold for long-term passive income
  • Development
    • Rehabbing
    • New Construction
  • Management
  • Leasing and Rentals
  • Appraisal - Residential, Commercial and Industrial
    • Tax Appeals
    • Estates

Our goal and mission, at ANI Corp, is to guarantee a superior housing experience.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, customer loyalty, and quality of work.  We strive to build a brand rooted in integrity and trust.

By helping others get what they need and what, ANI Corp continues to grow.